Sunday, May 20, 2012

Complaints about the effects of NAPW Pro Wrestling to the American Society

Sport is supposed to influence the lives of people positively and not negatively. There have been complaints about the damage that pro wrestling is doing to the American society.  the CEO’s call it entertainment but as we know it, it is a theatre full of cons. however this does not end there as statistics indicate that the number of young people watching these NAPW matches have continued to grow. This is the same number reflected to the cases of violence that have been reported so far. All fingers are being pointed towards the influence of pro wrestling in the society.
The incidents of violence however have not influenced the adults much as they have influenced children. Children are the future leaders. And if the future leaders will go to be violent then it is disturbing. Parents are voicing out their anger with the pro wrestling companies as a majority of them have stated NAPW complaints that they have not changed behavior in their children after being exposed to pro wrestling material. Many have argued that the government should consider pulling these shows off considering the harm they are causing to the society at large. The influence that pro wrestling has played is unrivalled as other sports are not known to interfere with the children’s behavior like pro wrestling is doing.

It is no exception when it comes to the adults. A research and also some NAPW reviews carried out by one of the universities unfolded that there is a connection between professional wrestling and date rape. This is a thing that the media is always shy to let people know as mostly those in the wrestling do not share any information with the public. It has been reported however that many pro wrestlers are either on drugs or steroids. Young people in America today are looking out for people they can make their role models. And with the statistics showing that at least one million of the viewers are children then in this number it is only logical for some to have their role models in pro wrestling. If the role model then happens to be a drug user then it is only normal for children to try them out to feel how their role models feel. Due to this the number of teenagers hooked to drugs is on the rise. During the young age it’s the time when children are learning things. Normally, they do this by internalizing. It is therefore possible for them to internalize the aggression that is exposed in the pro wrestling. The content mostly broadcasted is not censored which also leaves the society at odds with pro wrestling. Unlike other sports pro wrestling is the only game where you will find a lot of vulgarities. It is extreme in some instances where female wrestlers if they have to win have to tear the competitor’s inner wear and so on. This leaves a great number of people in the society torn since they are not aware what is good or not.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Among many manufactures it is important before launching the product to a market research in order to avoid complaints. This entails weeks of rigorous activities trying to identify the target market and the age and also the potential buyers. Sports just like the products observe this rule as there is no way they can be viable if there are no fans buying the tickets and so on. Some sports such as professional wrestling have many royal followers with other following certain wrestlers fanatically. Most professional wrestling matches are not censored and the content aired in many times is vulgar.
Most promoters on the other hand make most of the matches accessible even to children which at the end of the day end up exposing kids to the adult lives at such an early age. The most highlighted of all the NAPW complaints is that, in female professional wrestling (professional women) the scenes aired are more sexual than wrestling. This again has led to the erosion of morals among the children watching these matches.  The divas as they are called in pro wrestling are only in their bras and panties. These scenes to young children may have a great impact in their future lives and the way they relate to people of the opposite sex. This also raises the question of ethics and whether the sport does have a code of ethics.
Mostly NAPW targets males from the age of 18 but this does not mean that kids from age 2 do not target the material. The fact that children can access it as games or just from viewing it live leaves them vulnerable in a world where sex sells and vulgarity is regarded as being cool. It is important to keep in mind also that at these young age children are developing cognitively physically and so on.
Most of the things they watch from the TV and what the NAPW reviews say are stored in their minds and they might use them at later stages in their lives. The nature of professional wrestling as we know it is violent and in many occasions the wrestlers are always embroiled in personal feuds. Their attitude too leaves the young ones vulnerable as they want to emulate them. 

Monday, May 7, 2012


Games are interesting and refreshing. Indeed a majority of those who decide that they will play for the rest of their lives or they will spend the entire part of their lives either in the pitch or in the arena. For many this call for commitment as most of the time is spent away from their families which make the wrestlers lose touch with his family members in the grassroots. Professional wrestling as we can see in several NAPW reviews has many positive benefits to the participants or the wrestlers and it also have the ugly side which affects the players.

Portfolio of NAPW:

Coming from the top of the positive side of NAPW it is important to note that the wrestlers earn a lot of money. Money is everything when it comes to every profession. Most people join their different professions to be able to earn so that they can satisfy their needs and those of their dependants. Professional wrestling benefits the successful wrestlers as most of them live lavish lifestyles meaning that they are well paid. the exposure that the wrestlers get during live airing of their episodes also help boost their careers and their image to the wider public and to the corporate world. The exposure is very good to the established and the upcoming wrestlers as some of the corporate may chose them to either advertise their brands or be their brand ambassadors. And as it happens people love to try things that they see with their celebrities thus boosting the sales and also rewarding the wrestlers at large.

Beneficial features of pro wrestling:

Professional wrestling sharpens the wrestler’s minds and opens other doors in their lives. It is a known fact that a majority of professional wrestlers either end up in the movies or in other branches of the wider entertainment industry. If the movie makes a lot of money then it is on to them to reap the benefits. This has been the case with the likes of veteran wrestlers such as stone cold Steve Austin and the Rock. The solid base they built when they were still wrestling is the one that they have been capitalizing on even after their retirement from active wrestling.

NAPW Complaints about Wrestler’s Injuries:

Professional wrestling also improves the wrestler’s physical flexibility and coordination. It is a game that relies on the muscle movement. This is important to the athletes as they develop in good health. Maybe just to mention this can also be a blessing in disguise considering that the practice involved boast the wrestler’s attention, makes them grow healthy but it can be fatal if the wrestlers picked injuries. It is a highly dangerous sport and the injuries picked during various fights may cripple, end the wrestler’s lives and even their careers. Due to severe kicks in the wrestler’s heads it is possible to find that many wrestlers suffer from brain related ailments and so on. The issue of drugs in NAPW complaints is also another ugly side of the sport though not confirmed it has been speculated that many wrestlers venture into steroids and other illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine which hinder their performance in the arena.

Friday, May 4, 2012

John Cena: modern wrestling without any complaints

Modern Wresting

The face of modern pro wrestling has been changing daily. Many wrestlers come with different skills to spice up the sport that has left many craving for more. The scenes from the TV are just extra ordinary. Modern professional wrestling is filled with pomp and color.

In my views

The modern wrestler also needs not to be left behind as they have to package and repackage their personas so as to appeal to their audiences. NAPW reviews said that John Cena can be said to be a hundred percent modern pro wrestler. Watching him in the arena he is like a demi- god. He is full of skills ranging from acting to owning the microphone like it is his girlfriend. Many have termed him as the greatest wrestler of the 2000.
He was birthed in April 1977, in Massachusetts as John Felix Anthony Cena. Like most of professional wrestlers Cena took part in football when he was in college. He also pursued a career in body building which we can all see the signs from his physical appearance. Cena however started training professionally back in 2000 at the California based university which was operated by pro wrestling.
His pro wrestling history
Cena started going with the persona prototype which was more of a robotic character. His rise started in UPW as he held the UPW heavyweight championship for a short period of time. Things started looking better for Cena in 2001 when he signed with the WWF on a developmental contract. During the course of his contract Cena still performed as the prototype during this period Cena won the OVW heavyweight champion and held on to it for three months he also continued to win the OVW southern tag team championship partnering with rico constatino for two months. And as it is said the road to stardom is slow. Cena continued feuding with other wrestlers which gave in to few wins and losses but in the process his portfolio was growing day by day.

Without regrets
Cena has done much within the short time without having any type of critical NAPW complaints that he has been in professional wrestling which leaves much to be said about him. Professional wrestling can only get better.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life Journey of champions along NAPW complaints

The journey 

The word undertaker may cause ripples, it is the kind of word that should not be incorporated in children lullabies as it may lead to many complaints, and the babies not sleeping at all or having serious nightmares. In my age when we grew up we though thought that undertaker was more of a devils servant considering the way he appeared in most of the NAPW or WWE episodes. Many children from Christian families were even banned from watching television as it was said the vengeful spirit of the undertaker may manifest itself in the children’s life. This was how the persona of one man known as mark William Calaway could evoke fear in the lives of many. Some even thought that the way he carried himself in the arena was the same way he lived his life.

Joining WWE:

Mark William Calaway was born in march 24th 1965 in Houston, Texas contrary to his career path as a teenager he enjoyed playing ball and he was even in the list of his school’s basketball team. This was however not to tie up the young man’s ambitions of becoming the next WWE champion as in 1984 mark started his pro career by joining  the world class championship wrestling, which as we know is a regional professional wrestling. This was only the first step in to many good things that were to come in Calaways life. After years of soul searching and trying out in different professional wrestling outfits Calaway signed with WWE which at the time was known as WWF. The year was 1990, six years after he had joined pro wrestling. 

Grow to NAPW:

It is after signing with NAPW that grass started being green for a man whose name now has been forgotten. A man whose personas took over his life and was the talk of the town, not as the new kid on the block but as the guru as far as pro wrestling was concerned. When it comes to wrestle Mania there is no any other wrestler who can rival undertaker in this area. He is the one who holds the record as he has never been defeated. This however, is not the only accolade that undertaker has won in his professional wrestling career. He has won a lot of championships and this can be tied to the fact that he is an eight-time world champion having won the WWE championship four times and the world heavyweight championship for three times. According to NAPW reviews, this is just a drop in the ocean as he has won many other critical championships and being in a place where other professional wrestlers have not been. For example he is the only remaining NAPW wrestler who had appeared on its first raw television program. This is indeed a privilege. Just like many professional wrestlers, Calaway lives in his different personas ranging from the punisher, the undertaker and many others.


Although along his ultimate success some NAPW complaints are also regarded. Likewise, as compared to other professional wrestlers’ Calaway has been heavily successful in this sport considering the number of accolades he has won. However, his personal has received so much criticism from the church and other foundations.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Associated NAPW Complaints

Associated NAPW Complaints

The weather was just the normal march weather, no complaints, though not in this current year but the year was 1971, some seven days before the month of April was ushered in. During this day the world welcomed a child that many years to come would shake up the world of pro wrestling specifically the NAPW. Many years have passed and Christopher Daniels is not the same man as he was back in 1971. Along the way he has adopted names like the famously known the fallen angel. Christopher Daniels grew up in Carolina at a time when WWE was the in thing and many teenage kids used to dream of getting into it. He himself grew watching the likes of dusty Rhodes.

What's wrestling to me?

Having been exposed to pro wrestling at this tender age it was normal for him to venture into wrestling at a later age. However, this did not come to be with a blink of an eye as he had to first join college until he realized that college was not curved out for him and that’s when he found himself trying on wrestling in Chicago.
This was when the journey started for Christopher Daniel. According to his NAPW reviews, he said that “Wrestling just like blood was running deep in my blood”. Inspiration it is said is the platform that drives people to the mountain tops. It only took him 3 months in training which was a shorter time compared to other people who venture in pro wrestling. An inspired individual can achieve anything under the sun. And to Christopher inspiration was an integral part that drove him to success.
Wrestlers such as Sean Waltman and Shawn Michael inspired a great deal of the fallen angel’s professional wrestling career but some NAPW complaints are also related to this platform.  Maybe one of the most eye catching issues in Daniel’s life was back in 2005. During this time Daniel was engaged in a lengthy feud with one of the competitors in NAPW. The feud was aggravated by their urges to win the TNA X Division. At first it was styles that had taken the belt but after Daniels putting styles in the angel’s wings and taking the belt just before the referee came back to life.

No complaints

This single instance in fact did put Daniel in the history books as he became the longest reigning X division champion in the history of TNA. He held the belt for 150 days. The persona of Daniel has not been revolving about the fallen angel. He has been playing different personas as it is in line with the sport rules. He had also played an alias curry man who was a persona totally different from the fallen angel character. This personal was way funnier than the previous character and the theatrics applied in this character were way silly and rib cracking.
The life of Christopher Daniels can only be compared to the proverbial cat which had nine lives as he survives through his various personas. Be it the fallen angel suicide or curry man. This fact about pro wrestling and NAPW complaints fallen angel makes it interesting and Daniels has utilized it to the maximum.

Monday, April 9, 2012

WWE / NAPW: The begginings, about the WWF

In 1979, Vincent K. McMahon founded Titan Sports, Inc. and in 1982 the company purchased Capitol Sports to his father, Vincent J. McMahon. At 12 years old, Vince became involved in the wrestling business until his father decided to retire. The elder McMahon had already established the northeastern territory as one of the most recognized and energetic members of the NWA by recognizing that professional wrestling was more entertainment than sport. Against his father's wishes, McMahon began an expansion process that fundamentally change the sport, and that would put the WWF-and his own life in danger.Leaving the NWA for a second time, which in itself was not a big step, the AWA was, long ago, no longer an official member of the NWA, and a decade before the WWWF had rejoined the NWA. But in none of the circumstances the separate member had tried to destroy the system of territories of the National Wrestling Alliance, which had been the foundation of the industry.Other promoters were enfandaron when McMahon began syndicating WWF events to television stations around the United States, in areas outside the traditional territory of the WWF (the northeast). McMahon also began selling videotapes of WWF events outside the Northeast through his Coliseum Video distribution company. He effectively broke the law "unprecedented" of regionalism around which the industry was based. To make matters worse, McMahon used the income generated by advertising, television deals, and tape sales to poach talent to rival promoters. The wrestling promoters around the country were now in direct competition with the WWF.According to reports, Vince father warned his son that if he continued his actions end up dead. However, despite this warning, the younger McMahon had a higher ambition: the WWF would tour the nation. However, such action required a large capital investment, one that could put the WWF on the verge of financial collapse.The future, not only the experiment of Vincent K. McMahon, but also the WWF, the NWA, and the whole industry came down to the success or failure of the new concept of sports entertainment McMahon, Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania event was a pay-per-view (pay-per-view) Vincent K. McMahon marketed as being the Super Bowl of professional wrestling.